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Poem - Rhythm is Our Course

I was frazzled from world events, work, and exhausted from mowing the lawn. The last was therapeutic, but I needed something else. I turned to a bit of slow jazz on internet radio, and even though I didn't have a person to slow dance with, I felt better nonetheless.

Rhythm is Our Course

I'll not need alcohol
no drug to ease my pains
band cue up the melodies
as my baby takes my hand.
Spin that sweet jazz
melt away my day
take me in your arms
as the music beings to play.

I've waited for this moment
angel hold me close
I'll not leave your side
while the beat sets the mood.
We'll not be in a rush
the tempo shows the way
the moves flow with ease
as bodies move in sway.

Conductor play it slow
don't worry about the end
the middle is the mark
where we would like to stay.
In the middle of the blues
fusion's hand will hold
the jazz to be our guide
as our bodies move as one.

Minutes are forever
heaven seen up close
the earth is far away
when rhythm is our course.
Perhaps the world has troubles
it's likely this is so
I'll leave it far behind
when the music holds us close.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160613.
Tags: dance, jazz, music, poem

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