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Poem - Birthday Wishes

I thought I was going to write a poem about turning 51 on my birthday, something about the rest of life being downhill from here. The number of birthday wishes I received on social media changed my mind. I instead was drawn to write about how the birthday wishes affirm my connection to others. I struggle with life, and to know that people reached out to me on my birthday is an affirming place.

Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes affirm the soul
saying hello how do you do
why don't you stay a spell
it's nice to have you around.

I see who gave their nod
took the time to say some words
offered to this single one
above the din of the busy world.

Some have been too long gone
out of sight on edge of mind
now brought to the forefront
by the yearly turning of my life.

Others I see far more often
commuters on a weekly ride
familiarity may be the norm
I still value you high in life.

No matter the timing of my friends
never seen or weekly viewed
the offering of a few kinds words
are appreciated on this solar day.

The wheel has turned and I age
a fair price for the gifts attained
echoed by the birthday wishes
the forever friends of my life.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160620.
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