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Poem - Return to Lunacy

I finished listening to the second and third of Ted Dekker’s Circle Series. The books used the plot device of the hero moving between worlds through the gateway of dreams. It was an interesting listen. Ted does use Christian symbology, shades of C.S. Lewis in the Narnia series. At times it got a little heavy-handed. If that suits you, and you’d like a bit of time / dream travel fantasy, check out the books.

Return to Lunacy

When I awake from the dream
knowing I'm full awake
in the reality's firm grasp
I wonder if I'm still napping.
My confusion is natural
given the madness clearly seen
in the disorder of the realm
beyond the peace of reverie.

What has changed since I slept
this pendulum swing of dire events
as society fights with itself
in schizophrenic dispute?
What's up is also down
the good is also wrong
good people call each other bad
in full sincerity of the waken state.

I pinch myself, it does no good
I still am part of the fold
seeking a way out of here
as siren calls call us in.
There on the rocks is our fate
as certainty again repeats
outside of drowsing times
here in the humans' folly.

I'll sleep forever if I can
end this race to Devil's chant
power found is power given
as ashes of the hollow world.
Know I'm full awake
is bitter sweet compensence
for straying from the sleeping balm
of gentle lunacy in Hypnos' arms.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160622.
Tags: dream, madness, poem, waking

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