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Poem - Soft Impact

I was looking through Tumblr for a poem idea and found inspiration in the image of a heartfelt kiss. The poem “Soft Impact” is the outcome of this inspiration.

Soft Impact

I did imagine the kiss
the proximity to another one
passion's fruit of two blessed
with lips to meet in congress.

It's been too long in coming
too sudden to take a breath
too long far from your lips
now well met in firm embrace.

I can feel my head spin
by beauty's close proximity
to swoon would be a mistake
if I'm to remain with my beau.

Could I wish for more than this
will the boon be mine to take
from the lips' soft impact
to the bodies' flesh to flesh?

I don't know the other side
where the kiss may lead
it is too soon to know the way
when lips come out to play.

I'll be glad to linger here
on edge of heart's content
eager to find the outcome
of our lips' soft impact.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160628.
Tags: attraction, kiss, poem

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