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Poem - Tempt My Fate

The poem “Tempt My Fate” is about the side of beauty that I struggle with on a daily basis. Perhaps the majority of the world does not struggle so, but I suspect they might also.

Tempt My Fate

Companion to misplaced sanity
distraction of my morality
I wonder if you are my friend
or the enemy I'll always have.
The rational is soon put aside
when you are in the room
as silent urges rise to meet
the reality of consequence.

You are siren on the rocky shoals
calling from the place I dare not go
promises made that cannot be kept
if I expect to narrow walk.
You promise the world beyond
across a gulf few may cross
the viper pit is underneath
the gilded walkway to ecstasy.

The world is sold with your teamwork
suggesting coitus to grease the skids
as the static fills my world
as the visions fill my head.
The hook is shown to be the norm
the catch is the goal to be obtained
when empty promises whispered forth
the end result is out of hand.

Why must you haunt my days
always around the next corner
ever present in waking hours
while not visiting during gloomy nights.
Please be mute my spurious friend
tease me not with life's transgress
so I may remain a moral man
even while you tempt my fate.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160630.
Tags: desire, poem, temptation

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