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Poem - Our God

The social dance scene has a diverse group of participants. Many are devout in there beliefs. This is evident by observing the posting on their social accounts. The poem “Our God” is about the unity found in dance by people from diverse, but devout, spiritual paths.

Our God

Dance is the denominator
for the divine loosely shared
when feet touch the earth
and angels look from high.

Hearts find their measure
in each other's arms
as peace finds it place
in the conquered divide.

The unlike are well met
as walls fall away
a shared habitation
by those who dwell within.

The thread finds its mark
winding through all of those
who seek to connect
when division is thrown.

In place of strong difference
is a stronger good will
seen in partner's eyes
as the soul is revealed.

Love is the message
respect shares the words
the ecstatic finds safe harbor
while the dance shows our God.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160701.
Tags: connection, dance

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