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Poem - Dance Cadence

Our local swing dance teacher kids that beginning leads are not capable of speaking to their partner and dancing at the same time. There is some truth to this, as even experienced leads have to shush up to stay on point. There is another conversation always going on during a dance, and that’s between the pulse (beat) of the music and the dancers. It takes experience to both interact with the pulse, the voice of the music, and speak back with harmonious dance steps. This is difficult to teach. It comes with natural ability or experience (or both). I am tickled to pieces when a beginner dancer can do this. They may say my leading had something to do with the magic on the floor, but I am only half of the couple. More credit goes to their hearing the pulse of the song.

Dance Cadence

I may not step the fancy way
or kick like Fred Astaire
still I manage to compliment
my partner in our joined dance.
My secret is not complicated
based on arcane secrets handed down
I instead listen to the pulse
guiding our way through the tune.

Look to the beat to step the feet
there may be more than one
choose a muse to create the dance
partner of we two in sync.
The music shows the way
a path both lead and follow take
listen with the ears to find
the passage the dance will wind.

Stray not from the bouncing ball
accenting the timing for all
watch it jump as we respond
springing to the piper's song.
We'll follow without a stumble
no matter what hijinks I may try
because I am at the master's call
servant to the dance cadence.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160705.
Tags: beat, dance, poem, pulse

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