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Poem - Three Times

The poem “Three Times” was inspired by a conversational event in which I said simultaneous word-for-word answers to questions put to a fellow dancer. The first time was not unusual. The second time moved into eerie. The third time was beyond probability. Great minds thinking alike? I’ll go with that.

Three Times

Words spoken
same as you
said three times
my mind is blown
could this
or just two mind
that think
in parallel.

We discussed
your day of wage
in the sun
and bluegrass
triple B
with face

was the word
spoken as
analysis of
style’s made
we had
our own
this confirmed
with kick displayed.

Dance elegance
at ease to speak
beginner’s space
in the realm
of music’s place
often enough
to make this one
enjoy the pace.

Last the words came
three times same
questions asked
answers given
an event
never before
maybe the
is shared by two.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160710.
Tags: poem, synchronicity

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