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Daily Tarot Blessing Cards – Part 1


While the tarot has long been a divination tool for specific questions, it also has applications in meditation and general guidance. This paper is going to explore using the tarot for a combination of both meditation and guidance through the drawing of daily cards. The daily focus brings the cards into a use that will bring both assurance and advise. Specific meanings for the cards can be used for guidance while the seed thought of the card is used in meditation.


What is a blessing? How can a card bless your day? A blessing is defined as divine favor or honor. What if the divine could visit you daily and tell you something about your day? Would the news always be good, or would there be times when the divine warns of adjustments and compromises? The message, irregardless of the content, is still a message from the divine. The card that you pull for a day is the divine message for that day. It is a divine message whether it is an affirmation of what you are doing right, or a warning that corrections are to be made.


The method of working with daily blessing cards is very easy. Use the same deck all the time for this exercise. Don’t use the deck for other workings. Once a day, preferably at about the same time each day, a card is drawn randomly. Concentrate on a centering thought like “my life” or “my day” to set up the intent of the draw. Ask your angels/guides/God/gods to communicate to you through the cards. Draw a card once you feel fully in that thought. Record the card in a ledger. This is very important. You will want to look back and see what cards have been pulled to see how energies are working in your life. If possible, lay the card out in a respectful/sacred place. A location that is viewed during the day would be appropriate. The visibility, and intent manifest in the card’s viewing, fully brings forth the blessing of the card. At the end of the day you may choose to meditate, think contemplatively, on how the card’s blessing played out in your day.
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