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Poem - Humbert

Humbert is a poem about the unreliable narrator of a book by Vladamire Nabokov. I sought to bend the famous book to a farming / harvesting allegory.


Humbert walked the path extreme
a man who sought the forbidden
the taboo of the quested fruit
did not sway him from his fall.

The harvest was not due
in the orchard out of bounds
yet the shadows called to him
asking for a man to sin.

Now reaper should withdraw
to wait a season or maybe more
finding those worthy of glean
without impact of God's disdain.

I wonder if he was possessed
this farmhand bent to Satan's plan
because he plucked from his belt
a sickle meant for other plants.

In the grove too private for
two souls meant to be apart
he strove to find uneasy peace
for the fire that burned inward.

The repast was bitter sweet
the crop bruised by this treatment
maturity should have swayed
the yeoman from this horrid place.

Humbert was a fallen man
poor example for the rest of us
struggling to find their harvest
in the groves of life's passage.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160715.
Tags: attraction, lolita, poem, taboo

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