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Poem - When I

The poem “When I” examines the questions asked of those who are dear to our heart at some level. While the poem does lean to the romantic side, a version of these questions can be asked of good friends not recently seen.

When I

When I say I miss you dear
it is because of lack of cheer
present when you are not
no matter what I may want.

When I say where have you been
I wonder why you’ve not been here
location is a personal choice
I’m selfish based on where you are.

When I say how do you feel
it because I want to know
what ticks inside beauty’s core
waiting for me to explore.

When I say what do you want
the earth awaits your beck and call
if I can give then I will send
gifts to bless your every wish.

When I say who do you want
my mind sincerely fills in the blank
of what may come from your mouth
that my name may be the quick response.

When I say when will you come
back to these waiting arms
empty with these questions plenty
looking for answers to complete me.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160717.
Tags: poem, relationships

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