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Poem - Intimacy Given

The poem “Intimacy Given” was inspired by thoughts about the “sleaze swing” found in contradancing. I saw examples of it while going through the 2016 Spring LEAF photos. The sleaze swing is a cousin to many other forms of up close and personal dance moves. For example, I had quite a shock when I attended a workshop on blues “strutting”. I’m pretty sure it is illegal in some North Carolina counties, especially those close to the capital. Baby Jesus would be flat as a pancake. The balboa, a dance now experiencing a resurgence, begins with very close torso contact. There are variations of the balboa that move to more open positions, but the classic version is very close and personal. What’s up with this?

The truth of the matter is broader than these specific examples. Intimate dance moves have been around forever, and this is for a reason. Dance provides a means for responsible partners to experience togetherness that is so often lacking in societal interactions. This connection is tempered by the length of the dance, the required relation (trust!!!) with the partner, and the need to switch partners. While forms of sleaze dancing may seem scandalous, they still are only an echo of true intimacy.

Intimacy Given

Intimacy given is an ancient fare
forever waiting to be graced
shared in dance with comfort sourced
by those who seek the human touch.

How are these partners chosen when
the dance asks for a willing twin
to give and take in stepped congress
as music moves two souls to prance?

Consider that there are no strangers
these ones know the other's tastes
as predilections are so weighed
before the dance begins its play.

Each is rewarded in their way
for trust extended into the fray
of a world too cold to bear
when touch is absent from the skin.

Mimicry is this the sole focus
as urges move below the surface
reminders of what we want to be
a drop of water taken from the sea.

Let your judgement hold its tongue
remember that this dance is sham
though the thirst has relief
it is pale measure for hunger's ease.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160720.
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