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Daily Tarot Blessing Cards – Part 2

Daily Tarot Blessing Cards – Part 2


The information becomes a true blessing when the information is processed through the heart and through the mind. Two people can get the same card for a given day. Does it mean the same thing? Probably not. The people are unique and have different dynamics in their lives. The card’s message to them will be unique even thought the cheat-sheet’s meaning is the same. The difference in the message will be revealed when it is seen through the eyes of intuition and measured on the scales of love. The insight I am describing may not come immediately when a person begins working with blessing cards. A journal of the daily cards, along with notes on the quality of each day, will reveal your own internal language that the cards will be interpreted through. The chart supplied with this article is only a starting place, a guideline, for your own interpretations.

A addition to this technique is to draw a clarification card at the end of the day. The question behind this card would be, “how did I handle my blessing card today?” Record this card’s results too.

Repeating Cards

What does it mean when a card repeats? This can be an indication that the Seed Thought of the card is very prevalent in your life, and you may not be paying attention to it. The divine messengers will present a message to a person again and again, and if the message is not heard, they will change tactics. Do reflect when a card is coming up again and again, because the changed tactics of the divine is usually more extreme than their current plan!

A repeating card can also indicate that your life has a theme underlying it. This is especially true if you have a particular suite or number coming up a lot.
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