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Poem - Your Beauty

The poem "Your Beauty" was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. They claimed to not photograph well, even though they are very very (very) high in my list of photogenic people. The resulting poem covers inner and outer beauty, what the camera shares, the limits of beauty appreciation, and recognition of humanity in the face of inherent beauty.

Your Beauty

If you could know your beauty
how you appear to my eyes
you would know of God's grace
visited upon this mortal one.
The outer is the starting point
the inner claims inspection too
between the two I am impressed
by the sum of fairness shown.

The glass eye agrees with me
capturing life for all to see
put to paper or computer screen
vision shared of your beauty.
It is with joy that I deliver
circumstance held in amber
images produced to fast confirm
motion blessed or calm conferred.

Is this a bridge to greater depths
an invitation for us to play?
The Bard makes warning to such fools
to thus dash you will lose.
I'll not claim Cupid's shot
my praise is not romantic thought
it is appraisal of the facts
dispassioned view of handsomeness.

I'll not say you're perfect
still human is your cross to bear
yet a blemish does not detract
from the whole your cloth is made.
Perhaps I see you in times of joy
or you have an ease with me
either way I am so blessed
by the best of life's congress.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160722.
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