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Poem - Caroline

Social dancing introduces me to interesting people. I have the distinct honor of getting to know some better than others. The poem “Caroline” is based on a friend who really does remind me of a Caroline. The Italian meaning of the name is strong, and this I see in my friend along with their diffidence towards the things society believes are important.


I’d like to call her Caroline
it’s the name that comes to mind
not the one that heaven gave her
when she passed into this realm
never home to the sacred heart
worn on the sleeve for all to see
guarded by the friends who walk
knowing the truth of violet’s gaze
hope and logic are fleeting pals
one sought to move beyond the pain
the other to explain the ache
leading to the storm’s embrace
life challenges the mighty
the willow bends in the wind
touching the ground in the bluster
reaching for the sky in the after
I’ll honor her in the former
remembering it by my scars
sure that the gale will end
though I may not see the same
the future holds so much promise
for a soul only passing through
wondering if this is their place
instead of the stars beyond
ask me not of Caroline
in my heart I’ll say her name
when I look upon her face
when I see the stars beyond.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160723.
Tags: friend, life, poem

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