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Poem - Parley’s Best

The poem “Parley’s Best” was inspired by a friend’s social posting. They expressed regret that conversations were not satisfactory. The shortcomings included judgments or one-upmanships by the listeners. I honor that opening oneself up at all is a hurdle by itself. I will strive to embrace the sentiments of the poem when I interact with my friends.

Parley’s Best

Conversation is what I crave
as I pull back the curtain on the stage
of this life shown in trust’s regret
hoping you will hear with grace
when past ears have let down
my questing heart seeking relief
with hostile feedback given thus
was not what I needed at the time.

I don’t lead the same life
I’m not a mirror to principles
handed down by your kin
upheld by your holy books
my beliefs are still heartfelt
righting them is not my demand
please take the edicts out of play
consider the common as apropos.

Hardships shared are challenges
a lifetime aligned to strike me down
are not grist for you to state
the betterment your life’s distress
no competition is implied
between your demons and those of mine
when I share the impish beasts
on the shelf for you to see.

Meager delights are my fare
in this struggled show of a life
I’d like for you to know
the eccentric course of my own
pleasures were mine to have
to each their own is my motto
do not look to show best my joy
with prideful boasting of your own.

Validation is what I seek
acknowledgment of this fragile doll
victor of a thousand wins
loser of so many more
brave enough to step on the stage
spotlight on the good and bad
brave actor sharing my part
wishing for this parley’s best.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160724.
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