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Poem - Philias

I wrote the poem “Philias” as a playful examination of my predilections. The world is a simpler place for those without such “preferences”.


Poster child for the DSM
F for fetish are my sins
the good news is in the book
they have a name for my maladies.

I’ll claim two if I must
reality asks for honesty
perhaps you heard of my ills
these philias above the waist
one in double, other the face
both define a core beauty
above beloved’s innate genes.

Mazophilia leads the way
architecture of the chest
I should look to the eyes
but attention is pulled to curvy breasts
cleavage is my delight
cleft between the lovely sights
hinting at the total sum
of Mother Nature’s love apples.

Nasophilia is further north
between the eyes, above the mouth
not to touch or lick would I
instead I measure loveliness
by the beak’s length and its breadth
the perfect size is nature’s gift
other may neglect the snout
I find rapture in the perfect nose.

Between the naso and the mazo
the perfect companion is discovered
the DSM claims I’m twisted
when all I seek is body’s splendor.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160725.
Tags: fesish, poem

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