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Poem - Create the Spark

The poem “Create the Spark” is about the fire of creation. It is a tale of extroverted campaigner spreading their mark of intuitive madness on a world.

Create the Spark

Create the spark
to find a soul
burn the candle
to fill a world
consume the tinder
to free the phoenix
from the ashes
is found the light.

Create the spark
to reveal the world
the torch is brighter
when both ends burn
the shadows shrink
from the dual flare
the middle found
for all to see.

Create the spark
to chase the dark
the past is gone
the now bestowed
at passion’s feet
revelation’s game
burning ring
candle’s gate.

Create the spark
to find a soul
to reveal the world
to chase the dark
to share a soul.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160726.
Tags: artst, creation, poem

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