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Poem - Beyond the Fold

Netflix has a series called “Between”. It is about a town in which everyone above 22 and older dies from a mysterious disease. I also have a lot of friends who are in their early or mid twenties. While these two things are not directly connected, separately they led to to write “Beyond the Fold”.

Beyond the Fold

Somewhere on the other side
life is longer than in the past
waiting for the visitor
to move into their new found home
the turns ahead hide the view
with miles to run under the wheels
echoes as the rubber meets
another twist once concealed
trees are viewed as seasons turn
the forest hid for the green
conifers and oaks take different paths
one to color the other not.
the map you see is not the same
as the journey you plan to take
reality is too large to note
in all it’s highs and all its lows
life moves forward ever on
choose to walk or choose to run
perhaps the finish line will move
closer as you change your view
so many years still to come
this is the plan you console
to yourself still be true
the journey waits beyond the fold.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160728.
Tags: adulting, maturity, poem

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