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Poem - Phoenix Readied

The poem “Phoenix Readied” was inspired by a Tumblr associate performing a verbal reading of their poetry. The poem presents the reading as a martialing of forces, put to the field as the phoenix of the poem is readied for release. The written interpretation of the poem passes away as the spoken version is presented.

The poem features a “punctuation light” style I’m trying out. It seems closer to the written style of song lyrics. The three line stanzas are presented separately. However, there is typically an element of the poem that ties each stanza loosely to a proceeding stanza.

Phoenix Readied

Trumpet call to poet's ear
stating there is more to give
requesting transfer of stated verse

Words spoken for all to hear
offspring of the written thought
cast adrift to the social sphere

nestled where few will read
waiting for a voice to speak
precious thoughts unconcealed

lifted from the printed page
directed in another way
this army of my fevered dreams

row and rank of gathered troops
into battle against a world
seeking ally instead of foe

unsilenced stanza to questing ear
to hurt is not my goal
while I strive to strike with sound

pauses invisible to the page
transparent no more once conveyed
salvos added to the fray

spilled ink martyred for eloquence
put to tongue across the void
phoenix readied by poetry

format shattered on utterance
no longer tidy in flat repose
now shouted to a world to hear.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160802.
Tags: poem, poetry reading

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