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Poem - Not for Pickin

The poem “Not for Pickin” is about all those relationships that ought not be, but yet people long to pursue them anyway.

Not for Pickin

That fruit's not for pickin
harvest is left to other hands
sage advice from the head
yet the charms pull at my heart
you're not meant for the likes of me
life is too short you see
the former I'll disagree
the latter is my proclivity.

Could they have known of you
when they said life wasn't fair
that I'd fall head over heels
that I break the rules to be close?
So close yet far is the curse
the middle a gap of miles
never to meet in between
still my heart says it will be.

Water and oil in the jar
separated when life is still
we're all shook up in the now
mixed together against the rules
when there's a spark fire will spring
the candle's burned to spite the dark
with bright light at both ends
singe the fingers to hold the flame.

These allegories I tell myself
all the while I know the truth
this harvest is best left alone
to each their own as the day is long
in the end I'll go my way
not look back lest I stray
from the path that wise men walk
back to the charms that damn my heart.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160803.
Tags: poem, relationship, tempation

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