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Poem - Learned at Last

Life gives us opportunities to overcome weakness and personal flaws. Sometimes it does so with a parade of people all issuing the same challenge. Why entertain this rotating door of duplicated struggles? A single person can provide a robust life lesson when the opportunity is taken.

Learned at Last

You ask why I seek this fate
temptation set with two involved
when retreat is the safer way
as charms seek to take my soul.
A bird in hand to test the will
don’t let it go until the beast is slain
into its lair it will slink
if fateful battle is not pursued.

Fruit so sweet is the lure
heaven sent is not the source
purgatory is the better guess
to stand your ground is the test.
Pleasure found is not accident
halfway met before the fall
humanity grasps for the joy
when sadness gathers all around.

The wheel turns round, this is true
if not conquered it will return
made strong by weakness now
seek the chance before it’s too late.
The lesson will come around again
whispers ask the stage to slide
abandonment has its bitter gift
as the soul dies in sad retreat.

Hug the angel and spurn the imp
find your wisdom as love demands
with weakness made strong again
with pleasure given rightful place.
A lesson may be learned at last
with honor given to two involved
as triumph is the just result
in sight of realms high and low.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160811.
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