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Poem - Butterfly on the Stage

The poem “Butterfly on the Stage” was inspired by, and dedicated to, an artistic friend whom I truly respect. They are discovering themselves while striving to expand as an artist. The poem also has elements of myself in it, parts that my friend inspires me to improve upon.

Butterfly on the Stage

I’ll praise you with stanzas here
your past has led you to my heart
by circumstance the fate's allowed
my friend to bless my mortal coil.
A tale of woe is common core
creative misery is life's toil
it matters not the origin
it matters more what you ascend.

The public eye was your fate
the door was closed, only changed
first with sports, athletic grace
now with music and voice combined.
When one closes, another calls
beckoning you to follow there
to which stage few can tell
time is the path with many curves.

Could the others see the nudge
from the mists of youth's embrace
would lead to the path you're on
far from where you began?
This I doubt, so mote it be
the muse has plans few can see
when performance is the oxygen
to lungs yearning to perform.

Some adventure to far lands
others seek to save the same
these are pure in their intent
though neither was your destiny.
Yours was to find the ones
to witness your time on the stage
the tunes will change as you grow
the stage remains in your soul.

There be monsters the past proclaims
next to vortexes of emotions swirled
scribbled on maps of the soul
few may see beneath the songs.
The pain is grist for the mill
no longer crippled when revealed
in metaphor and simile
you share the things that must be said.

To bare all is what you do
celebration in the round
through the song expression flows
witnessed by kindred souls.
The audience may merge in mass
venues come and venues go
these flow as one in time's embrace
when revelation is center stage.

Few may know the sentiments
reality behind these words' veil
it matters not when artists share
they cast their chains to the wind.
I'll honor all your worldly paths
seeking who you really are
down each road the journey leads
perhaps to visit, perhaps to stay.

You are a star in my eyes
beautiful in so many ways
most of all you shared yourself
allowing me to do the same.
Inspiration leads me here
now the world will realize
the chrysalis unfurls still
a butterfly to awe the world.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160812.
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