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Poem - Revenant

I woke up with the sun and with the pain in the legs and back. A check of social media revealed a delightful friend's posting about living life beyond excuses. These two synchronous events led me to write the poem “Revenant”.


Aches follow me as I wake
companions of a century half gone
now walking by my side
as I stumble from my resting bed.
Vacant in the halls of sleep
inhabiting my body when I wake
forgotten while I slumbered there
then dwelling in my back and legs.

Revenant of former days
always ready to return
with ill tidings of the past
revisit of the choices made.
Companion in my waking state
absent and then back again
I’ll ponder what you mean to me
where to go and what to be.

Am I excused from the joys
of creation’s bliss unto the world
while flares and spikes of pain intrude
on this frame of physical poor?
So much do to beyond the wall
created by the this misery
always echoing from the past
intruding when I wish to make.

Pharmaceuticals may supplant
the lack of youth in this frame
with due warning issued forth
by authority wishing none of that.
Caution is also given here
by common sense of body pushed
when pain is covered by the pills
I’ll hurt myself in thoughtless bliss.

To make my way through the world
is my challenge when body aches
spirit’s strong while I wish
the rest were also up to task.
Perhaps I’ll sleep and dream without
the chains of pain restricting me
instead I’ll strive to move ahead
to live the best as life permits.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160814.
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