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Poem - One of Many

I came across a picture of a lady sitting at a sidewalk cafe table while I was searching for a poem topic. The poem “One of Many” ran with the image, creating a place in which the companion was anything but one of many.

One of Many

A table one of many
on any day like another
difference is company

you at my elbow’s space
I could touch you if I tried
you in the center of my mind

the universe found the place
conclusion to the tapestry
the last thread now cinched

distraction is all I see
in the curve of nose, line of neck
God’s touch without flaw

I think I’ve lost my voice
yet I speak in normal tones
this is the spell I embrace

the table is one of many
you are one of a kind
companion in the count of time.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160816.
Tags: companion, poem

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