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Poem - Roulette

The poem “Roulette” is a cautionary tale of crossing the lines of society’s civility. While it may happen more often than people admit, it should also be remembered that the odds are in favor of the house.


The slight touch across the line
that catch of breath in the throat
the ball is tossed for the two
no going back once lots are thrown.

The wheel is stopped when flesh meets
no flash of red and black are seen
when the ball drops to the slot
will green be the color to proceed?

Zero zero is the outcome
for the fool who pushed their fate
beyond the realm of decorum’s edge
into the abyss of no return.

Turn the clock back to the start
when commonsense fought with lust
would one of them grab the brass ring
or would linked souls instead be lost?

What fortune may be obtained
by seeking riches beyond protocol?
The rules were lain for purpose good
seek their guidance in these times.

Spin not the wheel of life’s roulette
questing fortune where there is only loss
at line of touch there is no return
at that moment there is no going back.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160817.
Tags: intimacy, poem

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