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Daily Tarot Blessing Cards – Part 4

Numbers in both the minor and major arcana can come up frequently. The following chart can be used as a guideline for interpreting the theme of each number:




Ones (Aces)

New beginnings


Relationships, duality, balancing of two


Synthesis, collaboration, self-expression, expansion, fulfillment – except Swords where this is missing.


Foundations, stability, status quo


Change, instability, volatile, necessary to adapt to unpleasant changes


Assistance, idealism, perfection, and a change for the better


Unexpected change, perception, insight, new awareness and perspective, change brought about by insight


Control, power and mastery over a situation through self-reliance and autonomy, organization


Completion and fulfillment of each suit, maximum intensity of each suit in the cycle, completion, fulfillment


Renewal through a new cycle. Many lessons have been learned regarding the suit in question – mastery.



Court Cards

The interpretation table at the end of this article has a meaning associated with each of the court cards. This is helpful. Do remember though that a court card can also represent an actual person. The King of Wands that keeps coming up in your reading may be your father instead of representing “illumination”. Meditation and intuition are critical in discerning the meaning of court cards when they appear among your blessing cards.
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