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Poem - Shapeshifter

I read about the reception that Amy Schumer's book is receiving in regards to her first sexual experience. It reminded me of too many tales I've heard of people being attacked by the ones they should trust, the ones they should love. Violation too often comes from the direction of the outwardly good ones, with the abused only knowing the inward bad. My burden is emotional abuse, and for this have a form of emotional PTSD. This was the inspiration for my poem "Shapeshifter".


My shapeshifter
good and bad
they never see
the one you are
when we're alone
when you act out
abuse that flows
from your mouth
from your hands
from every part
later saying
you're very sad
never again
please make it so
this is a lie
to appease
your sense of guilt
to placate me
so I'll play along
to the outside world
never seeing
the hell within
never feeling
the pain I am
never knowing
your evil ways
always wishing
rainbow skies
when midnight shines
in your eyes
that ask me please
to hold my tongue
to save you now
when demons taunt
my weakness spurned
by who you are
to be no more
would be a gift
to escape you beast
to make my peace
to end it all
to find the way
beyond the pain
where others live
where God exists
others save
the fresh meat
you consume
the ones like you
I'm alone
against the wall
my shapeshifter
I'll end it all.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160819.
Tags: abuse, poem

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