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Poem - Passing Time

I had a confirmation that one of my most favorite dance partners, and a person I would call friend, is leaving for her native country by the end of this year. Participation in the social dance community, especially one with a high percentage of students, ensures that some number of arrivals and departures are the norm. Many leave a mark on me, making bittersweet the transitions forced by time.

Passing Time

Companions found amongst
life’s travels through in between
here and there passing time
moving towards the exit sign.

Always in peripheral
sight’s companion through the life
distracted by the ones that grace
life dark specter now displaced.

Companions never sought
blessed by surprise’s jest
here and there passing time
fateful breath of the sublime.

Fantasy could not inscribe
the realms found there within
friends found along the way
those that bless my common self.

Companions left behind
by times constant guiding hand
here and there passing time
moving pieces on the board of life.

Perhaps we’ll reconnect
beyond the curve of horizon’s wall
where mortals plan and gods decide
the fates will find us passing time.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160821.
Tags: companions, firends, poem

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