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Poem - Another Day

It can be VERY difficult to ask certain people for a much wanted dance. I suffer from this, and as far as I know, so do most people. The poem "Another Day" reflects on the frustration of the mute voice when a dance awaits one unasked request away.

Another Day

Another day and here I stand
potential partner to the dance
the music starts, the floor is set
yet here I stand as if stuck in place.

No chains are seen on my limbs
no gag restrains my voice to speak
desire would have me leap to you
instead I stand both dumb and mute.

Not quite equals, though close enough
to bend would be the natural course
accommodation would be your grace
if only I would state my case.

To my mind the reasons are
inadequate to this frozen jest
ridicule by an inside voice
with no sense when spoken out.

I'll end my tale of vented woes
with a statement that should be plain
you're not alone if you suffer
when the voice cannot request.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160824.
Tags: dance, loneliness

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