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Poem - Words Once Spoken

The most horrific place a mind can go is to endlessly review the past, wondering about what was said, how it was received, and what may come of the instance. The poem “Words Once Spoken” is about this place.

Words Once Spoken

Prisoner in a moment’s time
focused on an inner voice
turning round the smallest stone
as the past echoes forth.

The world is shrunk in its frame
to find the smallest circumstance
explaining all that came before
solving what may come to pass.

What was said and by whom
is all consuming in the gloom
where incriminations are shadows
cast by actors conjured forth.

Could they be reality
or mere phantoms made to jump?
The fantasy becomes the norm
at ends of strings made from thoughts.

Shadows from the occupants
constructs of the fancied past
projected by the ego’s lust
to bend the world at long last.

Soliloquy is the only speech
resonating with no peace
for the one who wonders why
words once spoken won’t return.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160828.
Tags: memories, poem, regrets

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