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Poem - Years Beckon

Dancing has introduced me to many kinds of people. I am comfortable with people who once seemed distant. It was by no fault of their own, only that I did not have prior opportunities to put a human face to past strangers. The poem “Years Beckon” is dedicated to the incredible high school students I have the honor of knowing through social dancing.

Years Beckon

The years beckon in your face
promising growth beyond this day
acknowledging the present place
while hinting what lays beyond.
My eyes blur when I look
imagining visions in decades far
I’ll not be here to witness
the glory of the realized.

Innocence is still resident
I'm reminded of my own
only fragments remain now
worn down by Father Time.
Photographs remind me of
times when I was the same
though not wise enough to live
and too ready to move beyond.

Often partners moving to tunes
I am happy to share the floor
as the music pulls our strings
I admire you’ve found the dance.
Far too late I found the same
instead of now as I exclaim
fortune has move you to her wing
with late misfortune mine to blame.

Common ground is found in life
each has struggles that relate
mirrors echo the new and old
as we speak of shared angst.
Friends and equals in a space
when dialogue is engaged
walls are dropped by mutual choice
when bridges extend to each.

You’re more wise than this fool
in the ways that move your world
from these insights I may learn
about reality we both share.
Differences abound I’ll admit
you see the world in beginning steps
for me it is a bitter dusk
perhaps I’ll learn to adjust my life.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160901.
Tags: generations, poem, youth

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