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Poem - Private Dancer

The poem “Private Dancer” was one of three poem ideas I had while driving to work. It was the most cheerful of the lot by far.

Private Dancer

Dancer scamper across my thoughts
still life of the heart’s desire
tableau of the darkest plots
enabler when I need it most

Consort to my deepest needs
fraternize at my request
imperfect in so many ways
focused on the fire within

shoes are filled at moment’s whim
cast of thousands at beck and call
I’ll choose the one pleasure best
for remedy brought near to hand

the future will hold an encore’s bliss
private dancer we’ll strut once more
away from world’s prying eyes
when thoughts turn to passion’s heir.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160908.
Tags: dancer, poem

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