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Poem - Underworld

"Underworld" is a poem about experiencing depression. The speaker expresses the walking death of the depressed, partaking on the rituals of life while feeling dead inside.


Persephone ate the seeds
that led her to underneath
paths beyond the light of day
except when she strains to play.

I wonder if there was cause
a moment before I expired
the sunny world conveyed me
to the underworld where I pray.

The sun is not often viewed
these days deep in my blue
along the paths I know walk
beneath the roof of weeping sky.

The rain falls on good and bad
I welcome it, dare I say
for with it I share the cup
of nature's tears with you my friend.

Burial vaults are now my home
with comfort taken in cold stone
a pillow made of twisted thorns
aside the bones of envied ones.

They've gone beyond, purpose set
while I meander here and there
not sure if I should come or go
to meet my end or journey on.

With firm eyes I do engage
your hopeful world beyond the veil
to interact with puppet strings
I do my part to fit right in.

Substance hangs upon my frame
not fully vested in the grave
just as well the spirits taunt
in your mind you're one of us.

You'll jest that I exaggerate
still alive in God's full grace
I'll nod my head and smile perhaps
at the cruelest joke you extend.

Persephone ate the seeds
I was born to this fate sealed
paths beyond the light of day
now I know it is too late.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160909.
Tags: depression, poem

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