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Poem - Depths

September 10th is the 2016 World Suicide Prevention Day. Some people have posted remembrances of past suicides tragedies. While this may be a plaintive warning, prevention for those still alive lies in better understanding the challenges faced. The poem “Depths” was first inspired by a Tumblr posting that said:

Why depression is hard to understand: it is invisible, it is not “feeling a bit sad”

While there is truth is, that depression is hard to understand, I disagree that it is invisible. It is instead a stealthy animal, hiding in the guise of sadness. Prevention is enabled when concerned parties can discern sadness from depression.


Sadness is spawn of loss
entropy asks its due
visitor to all mankind
here today and moving on.

Depression on the other hand
spans a life with its demands
beyond the moments found in time
to the roots far out of sight.

Both are seen by the world
on the surface they seem the same
tears may flow from the eyes
fists are raised in voiced despair.

The iceberg is depression’s strength
most is masked beneath the plain
ever present behind the scenes
when eyes are dry and voice serene.

The depth denies the seeker’s quest
while the rain may cease to fall
melancholy drowns the core
in the fathoms found below.

Beneath the sea there are monsters
with claws embedded in the soul
no mercy offered except to ask
for the sacrifice of the life.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160910.
Tags: depression, poem, prevention, suicide

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