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Poem - Raven's Sheen

I wanted to write a poem about the veiling aspects of wearing the color black. The color without hue has had many contrary meanings over time. Now black can mean many things to many people, and in this camouflage, the depth of a person is hidden in plain sight.

Raven’s Sheen

All is present
in darkest depths
beyond the light
of clear mark
the breadth exists
without a hue
to color views
that may confuse
those blessed folks
with beliefs set
in dogma spoke
with certainty
for these brothers
and sisters like
the black presents
a veil to write
their cherished thoughts
of what may be
of solemn ways
projected on
raven’s sheen.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160911.
Tags: black, poem

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