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Poem - Petrichor

Did you know that the most disturbing trend in poetry is the abuse of the word petrichor? I’m sure that’s not true and as proof I found an old poem I wrote years ago on this very topic.


My love smells like petrichor
fane of the first rain’s bless
on the grass of our content.

Summer brings days so parched
only your love may refresh
my thirst for passion’s bliss.

Rainbow accented showers fall
releasing the bouquet of adoration
from the rocks with ichor mixed.

Nothing lasts for the season full
treasures fall out of hand
too far from the schnozzle's reach

The relief may fall out of hand
echoing fragrance forgotten once
the trace of rain has passed away.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160912.
Tags: petrichor, poem

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