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Poem - Flock Confirmed

I am on the verge of ending it all because of the lunacy in the presidential race. I’ll admit that I am anti-Trump. He is quoted saying things that no future president should say. At this point I would welcome a traditional conservative candidate. Dare I say it… Cruz? I’ve read articles that explain the ideological divides that exist. The poem “Flocks Confirmed” is based on these thoughts.

Flock Confirmed

Welcome traveler to this land
where tribes do fight with burning eyes
you’ll wonder how this came to be
be careful how you now proceed.

The hate is now well steeped
filling every single crevice
deep within the screeching voice
of dog whistles blown to call.

Coded to assure the flock
not enough to alarm the others
stroking grooves worn in stone
invisible to the outside storm.

Nothing here to see observer
we are sane in our enclosure
this mantra is said with confidence
when sanity is told by self.

So my friend now well confused
if malice seems to be entrenched
turn away or be consumed
by hatred of the flock confirmed.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160914.
Tags: partisan, politics

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