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Poem - Fixed in Time

Along with all my other challenges, I also face a collecting passion that has transformed into major hoarding. A discussion with a friend made me realize that I might do this because I see the “stuff” all around me as incapable of abandoning me. The ancient school textbook will always be on the shelf even though it has no productive function in my life now. If this is true, I can’t release anything because it triggers abandonment issues / anxiety. While this is not a solution, it does give me a clue about the mechanism, presenting me with an opportunity to address abandonment issues while finding a healthy(ier) substitution. We all want to feel safe right? The poem “Fixed in Time” explores the comfort found in hoarding through the focus of a cat statue.

Fixed in Time

Stay with little one
never ever stray
always by my side
to keep the fear away
ceramic feline friend
always on the shelf
along with the dozens
of kitties next to you
never to disappoint
or chastise with abuse
you are the perfect partner
on the mantel of my heart
I’ve had you for years
center of my life
moved from house to home
each place our new abode
some would have you speak
to move beyond the ledge
you’re in the perfect place
to ease my life of dread
you see my small companion
you’ll let me down
forever fixed in time
never to desert
others have come and gone
quit their place from me
as my misery grows
I look to you to berth
with all your friends
I’ll never be alone
safe from the outside world
as you keep the fear away.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160915.
Tags: anxiety, hoarding, poem

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