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Daily Tarot Blessing Cards – Part 5

When Cards Do Not Appear

What does it mean when cards do not come up in daily pulls, even over a long period of time? The basic answer is that those cards represent energies that you have under control or don’t have to worry about. Your affirmations and warnings are elsewhere. Don’t worry if a card does not appear for a period of time.

Skipping Days

Sometime you will not be able to pull a daily blessing card. Do not beat yourself up or stop doing these all-together. Don’t feel like you need to back-track and pull a card for each day you missed. Relax. Pick it up on the day you are on. Maybe you could not pull cards because of a major event in your life. Be observant to see if the cards shift in their emphasis. Your life is different, and the message from the cards should reflect this.
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