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Poem - Long Shadows

The poem “Long Shadows” is about the unacknowledged generations of humans who sought the presence o the divine.

Long Shadows

The way to truth is very wide
paved by those that came before
beliefs cast to dark and light
with intents born from the heart

the chants were risen to the sky
verbal thrusts to gods suborned
to human whims bent to words
more for the ones on the earth.

dancing has a special place
decorations cast on the flesh
ecstatic state shared by all
rooted in the physical.

the mists have taken their fair share
moved beyond their living kin
the love and hate carries
cast from memory to smoke and stone

these mysteries are out of reach
unknowable to the common folk
or even to the vaunted ones
still in the dark seeking lore

do not believe your kind was the first
to sing and dance beneath stars
to name the ones without a type
to honor all relations with quiet breath

the wheel has spun many times
beyond the count of those alive
standing in the long shadows
of the ones that came before.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160917.
Tags: poem, worship

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