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Poem - Too Many Ifs

"Too Many Ifs" is one of the poems that the casual reader should pass right by. Nothing to see here, nothing but future wreckage and triggering words.

Too Many Ifs

Too many ifs drive me on
far from those I hold dear
full the barrier between our souls
expressed in dual letters so hard to hold
a future I rush towards in my haste
here is the way to understand.

If I yelled the sky would sound
with anger's voice unfulfilled
rasping horse with vented rage
the inner child full of dismay.

If I cried the land would drown
with tears unceasing to ground
from bottomless pit of despair
never stopping once released.

If I could touch life would leave
the ones I reached with body pressed
with hunger far too deep to please
the empty crypt seeking peace.

All these ifs are too much for me
I've tried to still the moaning voice
cauterize the stumps that bleed
find a place where I could hide
if only there was a path to take
on the dark of away from here
at the end of barrel steel
one step into the truck's way
with too many pills to ease the pain
to stop the voices that if the pain.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160920.
Tags: depression, poem

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