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Poem - Otherness

Alex Castellanos, a top strategist for the pro-Trump super PAC Rebuilding America, explained how the smearing of Obama could be accomplished without prejudice, racism, bigotry, and any other word that the Left applies to Alex's ilk. The poem "Otherness" is about Alex's keen insight.

Note, I fully blame listening to Amanda Palmer (formerly of Dresden Dolls) for my writing poems like this. She is full of otherness, and I love it dearly. In a perfect world I would be as otherness as her.


Here's how we'll know you
in purity
outside of bias
here's how we'll mark you
in perfect love
hear how we'll do it
defective one

racism banished
race matters not
bigots vanished
opinions flushed
prejudice ended
there goes bias
this is the start
to peace on earth

yet here you stand
flawed wretch detected
get in our box
with statements color blind
without preconception
finding you faulty
with old fashion ways

we don't claim specifics
the proven of religion
birthplace of body
you are normal you see
air breathing freak
living on planet earth
inferior waste of human skin

listen closely poor sod
you know you're flawed
when all we do is apply
a single word
in perfect love
with perfect trust
because we aren't cursed
with this awful thing

otherness is the bane
the fly in the soup
(please stop me now)
I could go all day
and I might throw up

that thing I can't label
because labels are bad
that somethingness
you sadly embrace
so out of order
you damaged one.

you're very welcome
now you're aware
of your otherness
of your self blight
how we've helped so kind
with clean hands
gown angel bleached
that's because we care
inside our harmony
living away
from your otherness.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160923.
Tags: hatred, poem, power

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