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Poem - Meant to Be

The poem “Meant to Be” is about realizing the fallen nature of people. Some people are incorrectly put higher than others in virtue. This exercise in wishful thinking fails when nature of humanity walks its path.

Meant to Be

Surface tarnished once was sheen
did I imagine virtue now obscene?
too strong a word, yet it feels right
how else to ask when white has turned to gray?
humanity finds its way beyond the cradle’s grasp
moving through this place to scuff the shine
traveling forward to the distant grave

with the quick comes the fall
with the bold the past is undone
as the future pushes forth
into realms shared by all
though most traveled in later time
into these you found your place
now the signs expose the truth

forgive my rage, you’ve not changed
the deeds are water under bridge
your heart crossed the same span
adventure asked for nothing less
chasing emotions all are bequeathed
now the truth is revealed
I’ll see the world as it’s meant to be.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160924.
Tags: choices, humanity, poem

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