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Poem - Call Me Coward

The poem "Call Me Coward" flowed way to easily out of me. The danger of writing a poem a day is the quality of the emotions present.

Call Me Coward

Call me coward
this I am
to want to quit
not persevere
to see the bleak
and not the love
I wonder if
God has a laugh
at mortal meek
bent to stoop
when others stand
tall under more
there is no pride
in this sad joke
of living fear
and dying hope.

Call me coward
if you must
at the end
of this life
so much promise
to end this way
cast to dust
where I'll lay
while others strive
to find their place
I'll pass away
hope to fade
without a glance
from the crowd
who'll seek to judge
what I've become.

Call me coward
I'll now depart
to wayward hills
uncertain path
hoping only
in sad heart
that aftermath
does trump life
if it were worse
with no end
I'd rather sit
and die within
in between
this and that
wishing only
to have end of it.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160926.
Tags: depression, poem

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