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Poem - Sweet Mirror

It is a blessing beyond monetary measure to have a person who willingly takes on the knowledge of your life's burdens. It is likely that they've experienced similar, and face the same struggles, when revelation is accepted without judgement. The poem "Sweet Mirror" is about one such friend in my life.

Sweet Mirror

Oh sweet mirror welcome here
have your come to see my tears
framed upon a face of grief
turned for you to fully see?
this kind attention gives me pause
makes me wonder what I've done
to deserve the angel's time
in pits so dark to numb my mind

I'm not so rare is your reply
spoke by one by life maligned
unfairly bent by fate's misstep
some cosmic joke gone rudely bad
from my mouth comes truths revealed
kept too long in my reserve
where they've found troubled soil
wet with tears too long enjoyed

the flowers there are wracked with thorns
the bitter fruit the only dish
served in private meals until
you joined my table to see my crop
in this bounty I take no pride
indeed it seeks to end my life
in response I've lost my way
against the whole of life's dismay

yet when I pull the curtain back
to show you all that I've become
the same is thrust from deep inside
that inner world that you survive
you grace me with a gift so rare
revelation of inner dreads
fair exchange, like for like
not deserved, thank you much

I look upon my angel friend
with tinge of dragon now embraced
you've heard my tale with knowing nod
for on this path you've also walked
dark enough to know your way
yet not so much to stay this place
this I pray to many gods
I praise your visit and thank the day.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160929.
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