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Poem - Padded Comfort

"Padded Comfort" is a poem about High-Functioning Depression.

Padded Comfort

Padded comfort all around
enclosed in vessel of brass and iron
the former gleaming in the light
the latter pleasing to the eye

in this place I reach to touch
feeling fabric left and right
underneath the pillowed bed
reflects the state overhead

there is more if I stretch
visions made to fill the space
realms beyond as if a stage
providing means to interact

I dream of many people living there
people with hearts of gold
others bound with ego's greed
all seek purpose as they move

with bright eyes they hold the world
the multitude on this grand trip
not seeing that I've retired
to this box above the ground

in their hands the contracts ask
for me to leave my bed of choice
to walk among the living ones
to mimic all they choose to love

for a time I'll relent
to smile and nod in merriment
to duly sign and bend my knee
amongst the shades outside my cage

then padded comfort calls me back
does it matter, my mortal state
when all that’s real is this box
be it above or below the ground?

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160930.
Tags: depression, poem

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