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Poem - The Faces

“The Faces” is a poem that should require little explanation, and if it does, I’ll not be the one!

The Faces

Search the faces for revelry
each a comfort in their own way
the task at hand demands the best
one is needed to save the day

flip through the options in the mind
tools at hand or none at all
inventiveness is its own end
the sky the limit is the plan

so many scenes that may unwind
on mountain top or dark den
magic carpet will transport
in blink of eye to sow the seed

a cast of thousands is at hand
choose from the pick at your command
seek not the limits life requires
the more the merrier from the choir

to each there own is my motto
turn to the faces to find your groove
the time with them may be short
it matters not if pleasure spurts.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161006.
Tags: pleasure, poem

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