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Poem - The Halo

The poem “The Halo” looks to what should be done and what is done. The words on paper stand mute when the circle of life turns.

The Halo

Turn the halo in your hands
cautious ring of silver tint
symbol of what should have been
round as the life trapped within

born of words dead to voice
shepherd lost while flock flees
water mocks dry river beds
the vessel waits for circle’s breath

forever writ to paper’s pledge
duty bound when words fail
transcribed black on surface red
book to shelf is nature’s way

promises best left not said
when acts condemn the core intent
band on head and chains to feet
hands set free to softly plead

resurrected to bless the judge
held in rapture of the disk
ring of silver spun to guide
lost duty put before our god.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161008.
Tags: actions, grace, halo, poem

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