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Poem - Tossed Upon

Social blogs are messages to a wider world. Typically they mark what a person is feeling in the moment. I want them to also be messages to the future aspects of myself.

Tossed Upon

Letters pinned for caution’s sake
concern cast to distant lands
careful rows float the thoughts
black and white soldiers trek
looking far beyond this place
to the realm of coming days
wheel to turn as it will
states beyond the eyes that see
if there a soul to hear
one compliant to my tears
no longer captive to my fears
ears to listen to urgent pleas
words spoken from the heart
muted within the glass confines
bottle to the water tossed
captured within curved walls
cast upon the sea of time
opened on the future shore
note to state from where I came.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161009.
Tags: messages, poem, social media

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